A Day of HSC

Preparation / Pre-flight Briefing

AM 9:00

Gliders and towing airplane are carried out from hangar, assembled, cleaned up, run up, and inspected.
Once the preparation is completed, pre-flight briefing is held concerning aircraft's condition, weather, NOTAM, and other necessary information.

Take Off and Soaring

AM 10:30

Now get launched!
The glider takes off by being towed by a powered airplane. The glider pilot releases the rope after reaching the desired altitude (normally 2,000 feet). Without wind, the glider will constantly and slowly descend and land on the runway after a 15-20 minutes flight.

If there is thermal lift in the air, the glider can gain altitude by riding the updraft of air. Under good weather conditions, staying in the sky for more than one hour is not unusual.
High performance gliders and motorgliders sometimes fly to Mt.Tsukuba or Nikko, which are several tens of miles away from Hanyu gliderport.
On the other hand, beginners or student pilots aiming to obtain license can receive a flight training by authorized flight instructors using a two-seat glider.

Members have their own lanch and drinks at their convenience. In a hot summer day, two liters or more water may be needed.

Closing / Debriefing

PM 17:00

Depending on the sunset time, flight activity finishes before 16:00 in winter and around 17:00 in summer.
After putting away all aircrafts and equipments into hanger, a debriefing is held in the club house.
The activity of the day breaks up at around 18:00 depending on the season. Some members occasionally participate on Saturday through Sunday.