On-Ground Activities

Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance work of gliders and towing airplanes is also important activity. All HSC members may participate in maintenance work. Some members who are qualified as authorized mechanics will provide instruction and check for the work.
HSC members are also assigned a role on preparation for annual airworhiness inspection of each aircraft.

Slight scratch or dent on the surface of wing and fuselage increases air drag which may decrease performance of the glider. Therefore, glider's painted surface deteriorated by heat and ultraviolet or with many scratches must be re-painted periodically. Such a heavy maintenance work is also be performed by HSC members supported by authorized mechanics. Each member can study about basic aircraft maintenance through these activities.

Runway and Facilities Maintenance

Hanyu gliderport has a grass runway on riverbed. If grass on the runway grows high, it may increase aircraft's takeoff distance and also increase a risk of wing tip getting caught in. HSC members take turns mowing grass on the runway using a grass mowing vehicle.
HSC members also do a maintenance of hangers and vehicles, and clean up the Hanyu Skysports Park.

Crassroom Study

On a day of bad weather, such as rain, high wind or intense heat, a classroom study is carried out. In the classroom, lectures on aircraft operation, aviation weather, aeronautics laws, engineering, and safety management are given.
For safety flight, continuous learning is necessary not only for beginners but also for experienced pilots.