Become a Member

Hanyu Soaring Club is open to membership application throughout the year.

Anyone who agree with our Club Policies can submit application regardless of age*, gender and flying experience. Of course, we welcome an absolute beginner who has never seen a glider (sailplane) before.

* Minimum age for flight training is 14 years old.

For those who are thinking of joining

Glider (sailplane) is categorized as an aircraft which shares the same sky with other types of aircraft including huge airliners. For safety flight, glider pilots are strongly required to have a sense of social decency, self-directivity and cooperativeness in addition to skills of flight operations.

If you consider becoming a member, please read our Club Policies and visit Hanyu gliderport. To watch our usual activities and to hear from our staff and members directly will be the best way to understand our policies.

» Visit & Experience

There are a lot of glider clubs in Kanto area, and each club has different characteristics and policies. We recommend you to take a careful consideration by comparing clubs to each other and then choose a club that suits you.

An applicant for membership is required to fill out the application form and hand in it to our staff when you visit Hanyu gliderport.

We do not accept submission via mail or electrical transmission (fax, e-mail).