Club Policies

Social Contributions

Hanyu Soaring Club (HSC) is an incorporated non-profit organization (NPO) that was established for the purpose of helping regional development through operations of gliders (sailplanes). Members of HSC are not "customers" of the club but constituents of the NPO. So each member can acquire an appropriate sense of values and cooperativeness as an adult member of society through flight activities and communication with other members.

Equality of Membership

HSC provides equality of membership to all, irrespective of age, educational background, occupation, job title, flight experience, and wealth. All members can be assigned a role on mowing grass on the runway, cleaning of the park, or other on-ground activities in addition to flight activities. Of course, personal reasons, such as family or work circumstances, health and physical conditions are taken into consideration so that difficult activities are not forced.

Support to Obtain License

A pilot license is required to fly a glider (sailplane).
While HSC is not a "flight school" specific to getting pilot license, members who make efforts to obtain license can receive necessary training and support.

Beginners will start flying with an authorized flight inistructor who teaches enjoyment of flying. It is not impossible for absolute beginners with no flight experience to obtain a pilot license within a few years depending on their efforts.
On the other hand, experienced pilots can receive lectures and training about higher level soaring technique and risk management.

Cost Reduction by Member's Proactive Activities

A necessary cost to run the club is significantly reduced by each member's proactive activities such as maintenance of aircrafts and facilities.
Any HSC's stuff including steering committee members, instructors, mechanics and towing pilots are not employed by HSC. Members who have specific skills or certifications are playing their roll on a volunteer basis.

These cost reduction is reflected to the membership and flight fees which are reasonable even for the first year workers.