Car or Bike

Hanyu IC on Tohoku Expwy is the most convenient.

  1. Get off Tohoku Expwy at Hanyu IC and turn left at the first signal.
  2. Turn left at Mitagaya crossroads where you can see Family Mart on your right.
  3. Turn left then turn right at the junction in front of the red gate of Rendaiji temple.
  4. Drive approximately 2 kilometers, then you will see the park on the river bank.
  5. There is a way to the parking area on the river bank at the right hand of the parking area along the road.

Pist car is usually located approximately 800 meters upstream of the river from the parking area. You should walk through the pathway on the river bank or beside the construction road, and enter the operating area at the close to the pist.
Do not walk on the runway.

Train or Bus

The nearest station is Hanyu station of Toubu Isesaki line. However, the gliderport is about 8 kilometers far from the station.

Although the munincipal comunity bus "Ai-ai Bus" is available from Hanyu station in weekdays, it is not in service in weekends and holidays.
For more detail, contact the Hanyu city office or access the Hanyu city website.

If you have submitted for the experience flight and intend to come to the gliderport by public transportation, please ask us in advance.


If you plan to fly to Hanyu gliderport, you must inform the HSC staff member in advance.
Refer to Hanyu Gliderport page for the location of the gliderport and the runway characteristics. Call Hanyu Flight Service on 130.725MHz.
For any other information, please contact HSC's staff in advance.

Hanyu gliderport is NOT an airport. Any aircrafts except gliders and motor gliders can not land without a prior permission from JCAB.

Adjacent Map


If you need further information, contact hsc-info by email.
Please note that it may take time to reply.