HSC uses variety of gliders (sailplanes), motorgliders (powered sailplanes) and airplane.

Two-seat Gliders

L-13 Blanik

A two-seat glider best for initial training. At HSC, beginners should start their flight training using the L-13.


One of the bestselling two-seat glider with well-balanced controllability and stability. While it is quite suitable for basic flight training, it still has an adequate performance for cross-country or acrobatic flights.
* Currently not in operation due to maintenance.

Single-seat Gliders

Discus CS

High performance single-seat glider, characrerized by its unique beautiful wing shape. Landing gear is retractable and the best glide ratio is 43:1. It is suitable for competition and cross-country flights.


SF25C Falke

Maneuvarable two-seat motorglider with nose wheel.
It is fully utilized for towing gliders, traffic pattern flight training, navigation training and cross-country experiences.

SF28A Tandem Falke

Light and maneuvarable tandem-seat motorglider. It is suitable for basic flight training such as maneuvers and traffic pattern flights.
* Now for sale due to fleet renewal. See the information page.

HK36 Super Dimona

High performance motorglider produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries. Used in long distance cross-countly flights, and also used for towing gliders.


Christen A-1 Husky

High wing, tail wheel airplane used for towing gliders. It is equipped with STOL (short field takeoff and landing) capability and balloon tires suitable for operating on rough surface fields.
* Now for sale due to fleet renewal. See the information page.