Hanyu Soaring Club

HSC is an incorporated non-profit organization (NPO) aiming to promote skysports and help regional development through glider (sailplane) flying activities as a lifelong sport.

HSC has glider and motor-glider flying activities mainly on weekends and holidays at Hanyu Gliderport which is located on the right riverbed of Tone river in north-east region of Hanyu city.

HSC is continuously interacting with local residents. An experience flight event exeptionally for Hanyu city residents are held in every January (apprication in advance is needed), and HSC's aircrafts cheer the Hanyu city's sports festival from the sky in autumn. HSC also contributes to local communities by actively participating in local events in adjacent regions such as "Tone Festival".

Members of HSC can enhance their wholesome sociality and cooperativeness by communicating with residents and other club members in addition to the flight and maintenance activities.

While HSC's activities are wholly backed up by Hanyu city, persons from other area may join the club. Of course, absolute beginners who have no flight experience are also welcome! See Join Us for details.